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Scuola dell'Infanzia Bilingue Primi Anni

per bambini da 3 mesi a sei anni

Asilo Nido Bilingue - Via G. Sgambati 2 Valcanneto - Cerveteri (Roma)  

accreditato INPS 

   Bilingual Crèche 

  Italian        English

                         Versione Italiana

         Everyone talks about it, but just few of them are able to speak it. English suddenly has become part of our lives, causing small and big problems, and especially making us feel often unsuitable.

         But the question is ... why, despite our efforts, the language barrier still represents an obstacle hard to overcome? 

          The answer is simple and involves us more than everyone because we are parents: Recent studies affirm that there is a magic age, ranging from birth to 8 years old, where a person can learn a second language successfully. The secret to fully exploit the immense mind potential of our children is to offer them educational programs specifically designed to stimulate their learning ability so that learning a second language can become a natural process just like learning their first language. EnglishisFun transformed the idea of creating the best English educational program for children from 1 to 8 years old the main goal of his business.

              With ten years experience and over three thousand children who attend every year the EIF1-3 and 3-8 courses, EnglishisFun "represents a wonderful opportunity for the Italian reality. . EnglishisFun1-3 "is designed for bilingual nursery schools and is able to perfectly adapt to this particular age group where children absorb the first sounds of the English language in a natural way as if it would be their own mother tongue. EIF 1-3 ® is designed to exploit the best nursery educational system and in the same way it presents the same features of any first language educational program, becoming part of the children’s lives without any trauma. Our educational programs provide an approach to English language for children with a formula that can easily satisfy any operational requirements. For the first time nursery schools may have a method designed specifically for children from one to three years old in order to offer them a correct and natural approach to the English language. EIF 1-3 ® includes two or more lessons a week which already respect the nursery school age division of the children and where the English is fun teacher will be present with the actual full time teacher. The training material developed by EIF will remain in the nursery school even when the English teacher is not there so that children will continue playing with it, in order to join together the EIF ® 1-3 program with the normal educational program.Come and discover the world of: